Information Overload / noun. Psychology

An excess of incoming information, as might confront a pedestrian on a crowded city street, that forces one to be selective in the information received and retained.

It's a very serious and expensive problem

Information overload is a massive problem in all sorts of knowledge, creative and management work. It's growing exponentially. Some people are ignoring those mountains of unread email and links! We can't stay on top of our business lives without a radical shift.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Important information is getting lost in your email inbox. People aren’t replying to your emails - perhaps they’re not even reading them.
  • Things are spread across your files, shared drives, the intranet, your inbox, the cloud and the web. The information you want is difficult to find or share.
  • Your colleagues might have the answers you need. How do you find the right person and get things done?
  • You are drowning in the wrong sort of information - updates are from people or topics you don’t need or want.
  • Enterprise collaboration platforms are big and complicated, making them work takes up too much time.

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