Use cases and features

AmiLinker is an information management & sharing tool for enterprises

    • For business development and sales

      AmiLinker is the perfect way to consolidate intelligence on prospects, competitors or bids. If you're collaborating as a team across a single effort - progress becomes transparent and easy to follow. The tool lets you re-use your marketing assets easily and quickly. What's more - you can keep your bookmarks the same but change the underlying link to the most recent versions - perfect for proposals, or keeping tabs with ever-changing sale requirements. If you are sending any material to third-parties externally, AmiLinker allows you make bookmarks publicly clickable and measurable. The best part of all this is that bookmarks don't require micro-sites, extranets or other heavyweight investments. As a means of keeping your prospects engaged with your thought leadership, you can share a universal link to any public resource - with full branding and context, without the other party needing any passwords or special instructions to see it.
    • For management and projects

    • As a critical enabler of your social business, collaboration or knowledge sharing strategy

    • For learning / research and development

    • As a future-proof information management strategy

    • For internal functions like IT and HR

    • For external relations, customers and partners

    • Other

  • First, multitasking is a terrible coping mechanism. A body of scientific evidence demonstrates fairly conclusively that multitasking makes human beings less productive, less creative, and less able to make good decisions. Second, addressing information overload requires enormous self-discipline. Third, since senior executives’ behavior sets the tone for the organization, they have a duty to set a better example ... employees now share many of the time and attention-management challenges of their leaders. The whole organization’s productivity can now be affected by information overload.
    The McKinsey Quarterly, Derek Dean & Caroline Webb
    It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure
    Clay Shirky, Writer & Professor
    $680 billion (2008) is the annual cost of interruptions to knowledge workers in the US (in the NY Times). A gulf which needs to be bridged is how technology vendors think people use their products versus how the product is actually used.
    Jonathan Spira, CEO & Chief Analyst - Basex
    The fewer data needed, the better the information. And an overload of information, that is, anything much beyond what is truly needed, leads to information blackout. It does not enrich, but impoverishes.
    Peter F. Drucker, Professor & Management Consultant
    The reality today is that we receive far more invitations to interact in the electronic domain than we ever did in the world of physical mail. Most of us already ignore many of them, leaving unread - and even unseen - vast numbers of electronic communications directed at us. But our approaches are inefficient and inaccurate - we often miss important messages while deleting low-value ones
    Tom DeGarmo, Principal and Technology Leader - PriceWaterhouseCoopers
    For most young people, when they joined Atos it was first time they had ever worked with internal email tools like [Microsoft] Outlook ... I had already been thinking for many years that we were spending increasing amounts of time on internal emails. I started an in-depth study with our consulting practice to see how many internal emails our 80,000 employees were receiving. We realised they found 15% of the messages useful, and the rest was lost time. But they had a fear that they would miss something. We realised they were spending 15 to 20 hours a week checking and answering internal emails.
    Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos. He imposed a ban on email by 2014 across the organisation.
  • Core Features - Personal Productivity

    • Saving Bookmarks

      The most important ability in AmiLinker is saving links to anything. At present, any sort of address links can be saved from the app , as well as through a bookmarklet which works on all modern web browsers. Many other ideas on capturing bookmarks are on our roadmap - including integration with common apps like Outlook. We work closely with clients to make sure these connectors are as useful and non-intrusive as possible. It's equally possible for anyone to build their own integration for Linker via our open API (an interface for IT/otherwise to integrate).
    • Annotating Bookmarks

    • Searching for Links

    • Filing and Collaborating around Bookmarks

    • Sharing Bookmarks

    • Requesting Help

    • Assisting or Collaborating with Others

    • Exploring Knowledge

    • Security and Privacy

    • Alerts and Awareness

    • Following what matters to you through a social and information network

    Management, Security and Auditing Features

    • Hosted On-Premise - Private & Secure

      AmiLinker was designed for corporate deployment. Due to the nature of sensitive internal links, our product is hosted and run inside your company network - assuring IT of complete security and management over the entire solution.
    • Active Directory Integration

    • Globally Measurable

    • Rapidly Deployed

    • A complete API for bespoke integration

    • Audit Trails on Bookmarks

  • A quick overview of the features within AmiLinker

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    • Productivity - helping individuals to consolidate all their resources

    • Collaboration - highly effective teamwork, curation and elegantly sharing 'FYI' pointers with your colleagues

    • Staying on top of everything with full control and without overload - follows, social features and alerts

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