Pull your information together
AmiLinker helps you organise pointers to any system

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  • Organise and share pointers to any source

    Pull your information together

    AmiLinker enables you to organise your information intuitively, wherever it is. You can consolidate links to network fileshares, document management systems, the web and more - in just one place.

    Share what's important

    Easy sharing enables you to collaborate securely with colleagues, teams and clients - without using email. Public sharing allows you to cut across all silos and systems - adding value to everyone. See opportunities for innovation and creativity through valuable connections.

    Stay on top of things

    Filter or follow topics, stay updated and keep others updated. Track projects and trends as priorities change.

  • Drive value and productivity from information

    Integrate information and teams - not technology

    AmiLinker is a consistent layer that unifies all systems. It cuts out boundaries between teams - even across corporate firewalls. This enables you to deliver your current and future information strategies successfully.

    Integrate diverse teams and systems to create value

    AmiLinker enables a reduction in silos - between teams, systems and even countries. The result of increased internal collaboration and visibility is a much greater scope for innovation, performance improvement and learning.

    Improve knowledge retention and business IP

    AmiLinker allows you to retain the knowledge that builds long-term business value - even when faced with challenges like high staff turnover, low information retention and poor internal knowledge capture.

    Capitalise on emerging trends and issues - in real-time

    AmiLinker enables you to turn your employees linking and sharing activity into measurable and actionable data. Increase your responsiveness to what key people and teams are finding interesting and valuable.

    Address email and information overload

    Tools and information sources are growing at an exponential rate. AmiLinker addresses the critical problem of unmanageable information growth while simultaneously preventing email from becoming a silo for insights and knowledge.

  • Simplify your technology and information investments

    A simple and secure delivery mechanism for rich content

    AmiLinker delivers a familiar, easy and consistent interface to any system for all users - whether it's pointers to resources, networks, projects or business functions. You can implement self-service mechanisms, drive down support costs and focus resources through metrics derived from AmiLinker.

    Central oversight of information within and across firewalls

    AmiLinker is an architecture for information integration - whether that's in line-of-business systems, the intranet or the cloud. Make your investments work harder - while making the user experience simpler, intuitive and secure. AmiLinker is a perfect front-end to Sharepoint, Jive, Yammer, Connections, collaboration platforms, document management systems, CRM apps, legacy systems, network fileshares and more.

    Easy deployment within your infrastructure

    AmiLinker can be installed and configured to serve users within a few hours. We offer a full array of on-premise, cloud, Azure and hybrid deployment options. The tool runs on proven Microsoft infrastructure, and integrates securely with Active Directory. Once running, it requires little maintenance. The entire system is designed for users to self-administer their links and collaborate effortlessly to deliver maximum ROI.

    Ability to integrate with common platforms

    Integration with common platforms, including Microsoft Outlook and Sharepoint is simple using the AmiLinker API.

    Share with AmiLinker within Outlook

  • AmiLinker is an on-premise or Microsoft Azure (cloud hosted) solution

    Please get in touch to discuss how to deploy the product. It usually takes just half a day to install and configure AmiLinker.

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