Publish business information – anywhere

AmiMaker makes information easy to curate & enjoyable to read

AmiMaker is a platform that enables you to take information from any source, edit the content as a team – and have it formatted automatically for publishing to devices such as mobiles or tablets.

Curate and gather information from any source

Use AmiMaker to gather information securely, from any source. The platform is enterprise-ready and can be used for curating internal or external information.

Publish securely to mobiles and tablets

Using AmiMaker, you can create consistent, user-friendly publications that publish information in a format which is enjoyable to read. For staff in the field, for partners in your ecosystem or for executives on the move – AmiMaker makes any information easy to read on the devices we all enjoy using – without the costs of converting legacy apps and systems to work on new-age devices.

Maker - curate from anywhere - publish to anywhere

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